A disorganized space is a disorganized mind. An organized space allows for freedom, peace, and tranquility.

"I've learned that minimalism isn't about what you own; it's about why you own it."

Brian Gardner

We live in a very consumer-centric world, and it's contributing to the heavy waste and pollutants that are currently invading our precious planet and all living creatures who inhabit it (including us humans).​ Furthermore, it's perpetuating (even encouraging) the massive amounts of debt Americans are experiencing everyday. Through minimalism and intentional living, I hope to show people that they can live a life of abundance by simply owning only the things that will truly benefit their lives. This is not to say that we should only own things we absolutely need nor does it mean that we should only own a certain number of items; minimalism simply means that you get to curate your life exactly as you wish within your capacity and accessibility. It means you have the freedom to choose what you love, choose what brings you value, and save yourself time and money along the way.


I believe that the way we live and the things we surround ourselves with can be a major factor in how we feel. Whether we are rushing around in the morning trying to navigate through a disorganized closet or ignoring that cluttered garage to avoid overwhelm, our space affects our mood; productivity; and stress level. As someone who has and still does experience anxiety, my aim is to help others create a space and mindset that will help them reduce their stress inwardly by organizing their environment outwardly.



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