6 Effortless Budget-Friendly Decor Ideas

I used to sift through interior design magazines, watch tons of home tours on YouTube, and browse endlessly through home decor images on Pinterest. This isn't inherently a negative thing but what it did to me was. Prior to my minimalist journey, this made me want to consume needlessly. I weighed more value on visuals over functionality. I wanted to implement new design trends into my space whether it suited my needs or not, and that yearning never ended. All I had to do was walk into an Anthropologie or a Target, and I'd be itchin' for more. In the end I was merely cluttering my space with items that had no other purpose than to collect dust.

This mindset was wasting both my resources and the planet's so I changed my perspective and the way I viewed decor. I still appreciate a good home tour and pin pretty rooms onto my Pinterest board, but I no longer feel those strong urges. Instead I learned new ways to decorate my space in a much more functional and sustainable way.

1. Display your food. 🍋

The mix of colors, shapes, and textures add visual interest to your kitchen.

Some ideas:

• Beautiful bottles of oil, vinegar, pickled veggies, etc.

• Jars of dry goods like grains, legumes, pasta, nuts, or dried fruit

• A bowl of your fruits and veggies

2. Repurpose old jars, bottles, and cans

Waste not, want not and do so with style whilst saving that coin!

• Use old jars to store and showcase your food. Remember number 1!

• Use old jars and cans to display functional items like your make-up brushes or writing utensils.

• Turn them into vases! I personally love the look of flowers in tin cans. It adds a lovely rustic look to any room.

3. Plants 🌿

Relating to number 2, plants add so much life (literally!) and vibrancy to your space. A simple addition of flowers and greenery can transform your space from looking drab to looking charming and cozy.

Plants can sometimes get expensive so here are a few tips:

• Buy a cheap bouquet of flowers at your local grocery store or farmer's market and split them up into multiple bouquets so you can fill up multiple rooms for the price one. 💐

• Don't be afraid to forage! You can find beautiful fallen plants or gather sticks and twigs during a hiking trip or even while walking down the street. Simply arrange them in a glass of water and you're set! If you have your own garden or backyard, even better!

• Display useful plants like herbs or aloe vera!

4. Make your own art

This is a great way to personalize your space! Not to mention the fact that it's essentially free! All you really need are some scraps of paper and a pen. You can be as elaborate or as simple as you want with this! If you're already artistically inclined go crazy, but if art isn't your forte just keep it simple!

• Frame a handwritten note of your favorite quote or phrase.

• Hand draw random shapes and lines on a piece of paper.

• Create your own collage using pieces of scrap paper.

Pinterest is a great resource for tons of simple art DIYs so ahead; get creative and have fun!

5. Save pretty paper 🎀

With all the paper you get in your life you might as well save the pretty ones and use them as decor! I mean, why not?! These are items people just throw out everyday, and it can be so wasteful so this is a great way to combat that!

• Birthdays and thank you cards

• Business cards

• Magazines and catalogs

• Wrapping paper

• Packaging and labels

• Gift tags

Anything goes!

6. Use what you already have

We get so caught up on the high of purchasing new things that we forget that we already have perfectly good options in our home. Often times these items get stored away in the back of closets or hidden away in cabinets. Maybe you didn't realize you can use them as display or decor. Bring them out to life and utilize them! Remember why you kept them in the first place and give them the love they deserve.

Here are some ideas:

• An old throw blanket that you love

• A spare bowl in the kitchen

• Books with pretty covers

• A lovely dress you only use on special occasions

• Rustic storage baskets

Using what you already have ensures that you are surrounded with the things you already love. Not only does this help you avoid rampant consumerism, but it benefits your bank account and the environment all at the same time!

I love home decor; I always will, but now I can learn to appreciate the beauty in simplicity and functionality. I find that my place has a much more calming and airy vibe that doesn't distract from but complements my everyday life. Bonus: less to dust! 🙌