6 Effortless Budget-Friendly Decor Ideas

I used to sift through interior design magazines, watch tons of home tours on YouTube, and browse endlessly through home decor images on Pinterest. This isn't inherently a negative thing but what it did to me was. Prior to my minimalist journey, this made me want to consume needlessly. I weighed more value on visuals over functionality. I wanted to implement new design trends into my space whether it suited my needs or not, and that yearning never ended. All I had to do was walk into an Anthropologie or a Target, and I'd be itchin' for more. In the end I was merely cluttering my space with items that had no other purpose than to collect dust.

This mindset was wasting both my resources and the planet's so I changed my perspective and the way I viewed decor. I still appreciate a good home tour and pin pretty rooms onto my Pinterest board, but I no longer feel those strong urges. Instead I learned new ways to decorate my space in a much more functional and sustainable way.

1. Display your food. 🍋

The mix of colors, shapes, and textures add visual interest to your kitchen.

Some ideas:

• Beautiful bottles of oil, vinegar, pickled veggies, etc.

• Jars of dry goods like grains, legumes, pasta, nuts, or dried fruit

• A bowl of your fruits and veggies

2. Repurpose old jars, bottles, and cans

Waste not, want not and do so with style whilst saving that coin!

• Use old jars to store and showcase your food. Remember number 1!

• Use old jars and cans to display functional items like your make-up brushes or writing utensils.

• Turn them into vases! I personally love the look of flowers in tin cans. It adds a lovely rustic look to any room.

3. Plants 🌿

Relating to number 2, plants add so much life (literally!) and vibrancy to your space. A simple addition of flowers and greenery can transform your space from looking drab to looking charming and cozy.

Plants can sometimes get expensive so here are a few tips:

• Buy a cheap bouquet of flowers at your local grocery store or farmer's market and split them up into multiple bouquets so you can fill up multiple rooms for the price one. 💐

• Don't be afraid to forage! You can find beautiful fallen plants or gather sticks and twigs during a hiking trip or even while walking down the street. Simply arrange them in a glass of water and you're set! If you have your own garden or backyard, even better!

• Display useful plants like herbs or aloe vera!