Breaking the Stigma: ADHD | Interview with Educational Therapist, Kara Scanlon, M. Ed. ET/P

October was ADHD Awareness Month, but it's important we keep the conversation going. ADHD doesn't just affect someone for one month but for a lifetime which is why I decided to have ADHD as the first episode for my new series, #BreakingtheStigma where I interview my dear friend, Educational Therapist, Kara Scanlon to shed light on the stigmas surroundings ADHD and the ways in which it can affect their mental health.

I know brilliant and exceptional people who I love with ADHD. I can see the difficulty and challenges they endure everyday simply because we live in a very unaccommodating world. I want to show people that with a little empathy we can all work together to bring each other up.

As someone who struggles with mental illness, my hope with this series is to open peoples’ hearts and minds so we can break the barriers between people we perceive as “different” and grow in compassion and understanding. I feel this is the most important way we can change the world.

Huge thanks to the lovely Kara Scanlon, a woman who continues to inspire me to be a better human each and every day.

Kara Scanlon, M. Ed. ET/P

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I will be posting new episodes for Breaking the Stigma periodically throughout the year. If there's a stigma regarding mental health that you want me to cover, please feel free to reach out! I'll see if I'm able to cover it.