Budget-Friendly Low-Impact Halloween Decor

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Part 2 of my Minimalist Halloween Series

Walk into any department or big box store this time of the year, and you're sure to find an overwhelming amount of seasonal decor items: plastic pumpkins, rubber limbs, fake "cotton" spider webs complete with plastic spiders, the list goes on. With the high of the Halloween season it's easy to get swept up in the consumerist holiday frenzy and you know marketers are doing all they can to profit off of that high. Their aim is to sell and to sell to you, but you don't have to compromise your wallet or our planet in order to join in on the fun! You can do it with items you probably already have in your home!

Here are four super cheap and environmentally conscious decor ideas to get you started in decorating this Halloween.

1. Make your own decor using plain ol' paper!

  • Halloween cut-outs from black art paper that you can tape to your wall with washi or compostable tape

  • Save and repurpose brown package paper to make banners or use for art

  • Draw your own art and frame it! It can be something as intricate as detailed Halloween drawings to something as simple as writing out "Trick or Treat" in big block letters.

2. Use jars, bottles, and glassware as apothecary bottles

  • Make your own apothecary labels using any paper you have lying around and write out fun brews and ingredients on each such as "Vampire Blood Clots" (I did this on a jar of raisins and cranberries!), "Witch's Brew", "Zombie Brains", "Finest Poison", etc. You don't even have to make it too detailed; a simple border design and you're set. Just tape it to your glass of choice and you're set!

3. Dried or dead plants

  • Don't throw out your dead flowers just yet! Use them for decor this Halloween. It's as easy as putting them in a jar and setting it on any surface you want. They're the perfect way to create that pretty, dark feel to your space. If you want to elevate the spook-factor, simply slap on an apothecary label on the jar or vase you use and you'll see how this simple addition makes all the difference.

4. Use fabric you already have

  • Layer on the fabric! Any combination of Halloween/Fall colored or patterned fabrics you have work beautifully to add the extra bit of interest. Seriously, blankets; bed sheets; scarves; and even your shirts! If they have that Halloween element to it, it's good to go!

  • Using a t-shirt, make your own makeshift throw pillow. (I used a band tee, but even solid, black, orange, or brown would work!) Watch the video below to see how I make mine! (Start at the 1:55 mark to go straight to the pillow making.)

6. Pumpkins and gourds

  • This is an obvious one, but it's still worth mentioning. The ultimate Halloween symbol, this is the number one way to get your space feeling like Spooky Season! Add these guys anywhere in your home and instantly your space is transformed to the Halloween spirit.

  • Depending on the size, these are relatively cheap and easy to find this time of year. (I get mine from Farmer's Markets and Trader Joe's!) If you opt for fake pumpkins or gourds try to avoid ones made of plastic or styrofoam.

5. Candles

  • There's nothing like candles in a dark-lit room to create that warm spooky feeling this Halloween so break out all the candles you have! Amber and generally darker glass work beautifully, but if you don't have any, just add that apothecary label on your candles and instantly you'll get that Halloween vibe going. You can also throw your candle in Halloween/Fall glassware or mugs! See, there's always a way, Folks!