Minimalism is for Everyone!

Before I discovered minimalism, my very limited understanding was much more closely related to minimalist interior design which, to me, was a cold sterile environment with futuristic contemporary features. As time went on I learned to associate it with living a frugal and restricted lifestyle in which you only live with your basic necessities. Then I discovered the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and my whole perspective on minimalism changed. Already I felt a giant weight lifted off of me, and I hadn't even started the process yet! It was exactly what I needed, and I believe minimalism can significantly change one's life for the better, if only people understood what it truly means.

Fortunately, minimalism is currently trending. In fact, it's all the rage! More and more people are learning about the benefits of minimalism, both in their life and for the environment. In fact, this blog is dedicated to spreading just that message! However, with every upside comes a downside. With the ever-growing minimalist movement being put in the forefront, gaining more and more mainstream attention, there are many brands trying to capitalize on this perceived "minimalist aesthetic". Just scroll through Pinterest; it won't be hard to find homes displaying black and white typography graphics and simple pots of succulents or men and women adorned in sleek monochromatic duds looking effortlessly expensive.

Now let me get something straight here, there's nothing wrong with this! I, myself, love this minimal style, but it does seem to close other people out of the minimalist movement. Anyone can gain something from minimalism regardless of their taste and preferences! There isn't really one "minimalist aesthetic". Minimalism is for everyone! Don't get caught up with needing to subscribe to a certain type of style or needing to own certain items simply to fit into this idea of minimalism. That's actually the opposite of minimalism! Minimalism isn't about how something looks or how someone dresses. It's about staying true to your wants and needs and discarding the rest! You don't have to put yourself in a box. If social media or brand marketing makes you feel like you have to change your aesthetic then you're not serving yourself, you're serving them while fueling rampant consumerism which is the antithesis of the minimalist movement!

So remember, there's no standard to minimalism. It isn't dictated by any specific aesthetic, style, or type. Just continue to stay true to yourself and always keep in mind of what is truly important in your life, whatever that may be. That is what true minimalism is all about.